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Right Hand Diamond Ring

The hottest trend in jewelry fashion, the Right Hand Diamond Ring seems to raise sales sky-high.

The latest trend in diamond jewelry is the Right Hand Diamond Ring. The marketing significance load is addressing mainly to the independent career woman of the 21-st century. It stands for success, strength, self assertiveness and freedom.

After the world has been filled up with the symbol of eternal love - the diamond engagement ring, the marketing strategy accompanying this old-renewed product opposes the right-hand ring to the diamond engagement rings and diamond anniversary bands. It is not only being positioned on a different hand but it also differs significantly in design. Its design purposely avoids any resemblance with matrimonial rings, uses open spaces, smaller stones instead of a single, in combinations expressing the personality and individuality of the wearer.

In fact, it's not at all about the right hand, as women did wear rings on their right hand fingers before this marketing concept came into being, it's about what became almost an obsession for the left hand ring!

And of course, after one conquest, others must follow - after the diamond engagement rings hit, the market for diamond rings still had potential! The commercial outcome is one of larger proportions, first of all because the general tendency around the world is to postpone or forego marriage, then, while the diamond engagement ring addresses only to grooms-to-be as buyers, the right hand ring addresses to both men and women. And this is how:

The independent career woman

The idea was to go with the new wave of feminist thinking stressing upon women's independence wish - married or not, you still have to wear a diamond ring to reassess your leading position alongside men! It's a sort of impulse for the women who are generically tired of the role of housewives and feel they can do better with their lives. So, the left hand ring stands for the labors that marriage brings along while the right hand ring reads as the careless, joyful side of life.


Men are also a target for this advertising technique: loving husbands are encouraged to buy a gift for their wives that will flatter not only their need for love proofs but also the thought of being valued and respected as an independent person, and not a nice accessory to men or a house decor item. And not only married men should buy right hand rings, the concept has a wider meaning: it doesn't matter if you are married or not, as long as you are involved in a love relation you should definitely consider buying a right hand ring as a gift!

For years, right hand rings have also been a sign of commitment for gay couples. So, another market segment gained.

All advertising that deals with aspects of human vanity has every chance to succeed, and when addressing to women, it seems that the chances are even bigger. That they prevail in beauty had been established long ago, but now it is not enough any longer as it is not enough merely being accepted into the social life. The need appeared for women to be recognized as equal in value to men or even surpassing them. Working more and earning more than ever before, women choose now to put the idea that we live in a men's world way behind them.

And this intelligent marketing line is apparently indeed a huge success, as sales have been going really high!

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How diamond studs became a heart winner

Every time you plan to buy accessories for your clothing, there is one bit of jewelry that would stand over the rest. That is definitely the diamond stud earrings. Many factors contribute to the specialty of the studs. It is noted for its timeless elegance and stylishness. Women just love wearing diamond studs as goes well with almost all attires. They posses incomparable brilliance and versatility and extends the charm to the wearer. Hence the diamond stud has become a must accessory for every woman for all its shimmering attraction.

There are many reasons why girls prefer to buy diamond stud earrings. It can be said that girls go for the classical beauty of the earrings in the first place. The studs have managed to retain their almost universal attraction in every generation. Even though the jewelry trend has been continuously changing, the studs were always well liked by the wearers and have managed to be admired by them always. The earrings are known for its brightness, color and clarity. The studs have so much of versatility that it would look wonderful on woman in the office as well as woman who is a home maker.

People who like diamond studs have found one more reason to admire the jewelry. The studs have magnificent design agility and allow the wearers to design their own personal earrings. The appearance of the studs can be personalized by making them in 18k, 14k and platinum metals coordinated with princess cut or round cut diamond. You can make an exceptional earring by selecting a 4-prong round stud, bezel stud posts, 6-prong coronet or any other modern style. Such earrings would also be very unique.

The diamond stud earrings give the wearer large amounts of flexibility. They are largely valued and liked by individuals of diverse tastes and opinions. Moreover it is comparatively cheaper than diamond rings hence it comes within a small budget. This flexibility is also available with the pearl jewelry and few other jewelry pieces also offer unique style at a reasonable price. The diamond studs have the capability to maintain the value. Since they have value stability, they sustain their worth as they are easily available at reasonable prices. This is truer with the earrings that are bought through online shopping. This is because in online shopping the costs would not go up in order to cover the operating cost expenses. Online shopping is beneficial for customers as they can save some extra bucks thereby making the shopping an amazing experience. For getting the best savings, it is better to evaluate and do the shopping.

Diamonds are always bought to keep them many years down the line. They have the marvelous quality of surviving many generations. The diamond studs can also be passed on to many generations. From mother to daughters or grandmother to granddaughters they are valued heirloom which is given and thankfully taken. Apart from all the above mentioned reasons, the diamond studs are the best choice to be given as a special gift to special someone. Since there are many customization options, the earrings can be given as a safe gift.