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Unknown charm of invisible set engagement rings

Even though the invisible set engagement rings are less popular among the couples, it has a hidden charisma in it. The beautiful looking style of invisible set engagement ring is made by creating the illusion of one large gemstone when in fact they are made up of several smaller diamonds. Numerous smaller gemstones would be clustered together which would appear as one large diamond in the engagement ring. The difference cannot be noticed easily by naked eye since there are no spaces or metals separating the gemstones. The closely set gemstones would appear like a big diamond and sparkle in the ring. 

There has been high amount of craftsmanship involved in creating the invisible set engagement rings. Each ring is fashioned for specific stones and cannot be easily adjusted for alterations or upgrades. Moreover the invisible settings are created very precisely. However the jewelry pieces are rarely upgraded for they are stunning piece of jewelry with marvelous beauty and luxury. 

Since many small stones are used in making the jewelry piece, usually less costly and less valuable diamonds are selected. Thus the final ring would be comparatively cheaper. It is always cheaper to arrange a group of less expensive gemstones that would look like one unit than spending your fortune over a large gemstone. The values of the diamonds used are much less and the look may vary slightly than the real diamond engagement ring. Thus it would be really a lower cost route to go. You can get a stunning piece in half the amount you will have to spend on original diamond rings. However they are not so cheap for it takes hours of labor to finish the final piece. This has been the reason for the ring to be less popular among the masses. 

The invisible settings are also open for a variety of styles. Usually princess cut stones are used for their flat edges and sharp corners can fit together smoothly without any gaps to reveal the setting. Other diamond shapes like emerald cut, baguettes or any unique shape which would closely fit with the neighboring stones are also used.

People are hesitant to buy the invisible settings thinking that there are only limited design options in it. But the truth is that there are many choices for the couples seeking invisible set engagement rings. Similar to channel settings, there are many accent used for the set using far less metal. For creating the appearance of a single, larger carat weight stone, illusion solitaires that set several princess stones together are used. There are also invisible set engagement ring designs available for men’s engagement rings and wedding bands. Pave settings are used in the rings for getting a richer surface look. The jewelry is also used as eternity rings or other anniversary jewelry. 

Since they are intricate designs, the invisible set engagement rings are not commonly found at the basic jewelry retailers. You would get a better deal if you visit online specialty Novori rings for the engagement rings. if you are going for the ring set, make sure to give proper care of the ring as the settings are quite fragile.

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Elegance and uniqueness comprise tension rings

It is their smooth, sleek lines and natural elegance that accentuates the beauty of tension rings. The tension settings have become the ultimate in contemporary engagement ring design. In a tension ring, the perfection and beauty of the diamond or any other gemstone would be highlighted rather than adding any distracting embellishments. Tension settings have become an instant classic in the contemporary ring designs owing to its minimal and elegant look.

In a tension ring setting, the diamond or other gemstone appears to be floating or suspended in the mid air within the band of the ring itself. This setting uses specially treated metals that have an inherent springiness nature to hold the ring in place. The entire band of the ring acts as two large prongs to hold the stone in place with small carved niches that fit around the stone’s girdle. The stone is help securely in place in a unique floating illusion with a great tensile strength.

Initially couples were having concern over the safety of the stone as it is held in place through two points of contact rather than the typical four or six prongs settings. This concern is however quite contrary. Tensions rings can be considered as one among the safest pieces of jewelry available. Since the band metal is stronger than that used for prongs and more of the metal is in contact with the stone than through narrow prongs, the stone in a tension setting is held more securely. Thus the stone achieves a stronger and tighter fit. At Novori jewelry, the quality and craftsmanship is backed up with the lifetime warranty we offer for the engagement rings.

Titanium is the most common metal used for tensions rings due to its natural strength and durability. At Novori jewelry there are designs in white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Couples even have the choice of selecting multi tone rings typically with an inset of a contrasting metal. We offer exquisite designs of tension rings in dual metal setting combining white and yellow gold.

The tension rings calls for talented workmanship and hence only a few exclusive jewelers would be able to create a quality tension ring setting. At Novori you can find customized one-of-a-kind rings that are examples of excellent craftsmanship. Customers would be overjoyed to find out that we also offer matching tension ring wedding bands at our jewelry store. Thus you can complete your engagement and wedding band set with style and elegance which is exclusive for tension rings.

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Timeless bonding of three stone engagement rings

The meaning of marriage becomes true when the two souls accept each other’s past, get on with the present and join hands for a wonderful future. The past, present and future go hand in hand in a relationship. When a man wants to assure his lady that her past, present and future is safe in his hands, he can gift her with a three stone engagement ring which would be a perfect gesture to celebrate the couple’ s relationship. The three stone rings can also be a wonderful anniversary gift with many different style and budget options available. 

Connotation of the three stones
The classic symbolism of three stones represents a couple’s past, present and future with each stage of their relationship highlighted by a diamond solitaire or gemstone. If the ring is been given as an anniversary gift, it can serve as a powerful reminder of the love they have shared through the years. On the other hand, couples just starting their lives together consider the ring as a binding promise. The three stones can be embellished with birthstones that represent each individual and a central diamond solitaire that unites the tow of them. Depending on the ring design, it can also be fashioned with engraving or other custom touches. 

Three stone ring designs
Three stone rings are usually seen in classic, recognizable and traditional settings though there are many designs available. Mostly threes stone pieces use the same gemstone for each of the three stones for marinating continuity and elegance. Diamonds are the most popular choice. The stone size of the central ring would be larger than the accents even though three stones would comparatively large to convey the symbolism. Usually round, princess and emerald shaped stones are used in the ring since they nestle well in close proximity without gaps.

A classic tiffany or prong style with the stones held slightly above the ring shank would be the most popular setting for three stone engagement rings. Usually gold (yellow and white) and platinum are the popular metal choices for the ring. Accents are mostly avoided in three stone settings. 

Cost of three stone rings
The rings typically have a larger total carat weight other than other gemstone and that makes them more expensive than rings featuring one centrals tone with pr without smaller accents. Price would also be affected by the quality of gems with the higher caliber stones naturally demanding a higher price. Final price is also determined by the type of metal used in the ring. Yellow and white gold can be used as economical choice as they are the least expensive metals while platinum is generally more costly.

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Enter mokume gane engagement rings in rare patterns

If you are a couple desiring an eye-catching, distinctive ring without excessive gemstones or other flashy highlights, mokume gane engagement ring would be the wonderful choice. They are delicately patterned metal brands with subtle yet distinctive combinations of different metals. For couples seeking an exceptional look for their ring, the mokume gane rings would be an impeccable choice. 

People are often puzzled when they hear about mokume gane rings as they are not familiar with the term. It is basically a Japanese word that means ‘wood grain’. The design is created by fusing different precious metals from thin, layered sheets to create patterned metal which in turn displays each different alloy. People are often excited to see modern mokume gane metal work that includes very intricate embellishments of as many as thirty different sheets of metal. For creating the patterned layers, the sheets are fused together with heat and pressure in a protective atmosphere. Later the metals would be made into beautiful and classic engagement rings. 

Different styles, colors and designs are available for the mokume gane rings. Usually the color of the ring depend on the nature of the metal fused together to create the final patterned sheet. Commonly yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are used. The ring pattern would be random in most cases while the styles may vary depending upon the fusing of initial sheets. Even though the rings are wide in size, even thinner rings are available for thin fingers. For framing the pattern, most jewelers make rings with rims.