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The radiance of radiant cut diamond engagement ring

There is indeed something about a rock on your finger that shines no matter which way you may look at it. The sparkle of the engagement ring would outdo your smile if it is a radiant cut diamond. The beauty of the radiant cut is that they offer both a unique style and classic sparkle. Moreover it is available in multiple shapes so that there is no need to settle on round or rectangle. Since there is a number of shapes available, couple would find it difficult to land on a decision. The possibilities would seem endless with the array of settings available.

There are some features that make the radiant cut diamond engagement ring so special. Primarily the cut itself is peculiar and special. Diamond’s natural brilliance is shone through the design so perfectly. Earlier, couples had a limited choice as they had to select between the cut and the brilliance. The diamond has to be in round shape, if the bride wanted a radiant shine. Couples used to compromise on the sparkle if they wanted a rectangle shaped diamond. The best part of the radiant cut is that it combines the best of both, the emerald cut and the brilliant cut. All the credit goes to Henry Grossbard who had designed the cut and made it absolutely a masterpiece.

You may wonder how exactly the cut of a diamond can affect the appearance of the stone. Basically the cut determines the proportion and if size matters, then quality cut is of utmost importance. It is true that a finely cut small stone would appear large and more brilliant than a poorly cut bigger stone. So the best part of getting a perfect cut is that you can have a ring of your dreams on a tighter budget. This means the stone size may be small but would look more attractive. What you need to be careful about is finding a reputable jeweler who would eventually get you exactly the stone that you dreamt of and more importantly paid for. If you are going for a customized engagement ring, you can ask for the radiant cut diamond in that ring.

If you manage to find a reputable jeweler, he would surely help you to find an engagement ring with the right cut and the right quality. Most of the jeweler’s would be more than willing to explain the whole process to the customers as they are sure to find a captive audience. And of course it is worth the time and money to listen to the process, especially if you are going for a customized engagement ring.

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a complicated process but it can be made fun at the same time. In addition to cut, there are other things that require attention like the carat which is the weight of the stone, color like yellow, pink, blue and clarity which means the amount of imperfection present on the stone. Couples would also consider how much of a blue-ish tint would be present in the diamond under ultra violet light. This is called the fluorescence property of the stone. However it is the diamond cut that matters most and is the primary factor in selecting a ring.

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Unwavering popularity of diamond solitaire engagement ring

Ever since its entry in 1886, the six prong diamond solitaire ring had become the most sought after engagement ring style. Solitaire means one and a solitaire ring symbolizes how two people become one through their engagement. For an elegant couple, the 3 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring would be the classic choice. There are many traditional and stylish designs available in a wide selection of price ranges. It is the lasting appeal created by both the ring’s design and its symbolism that made it a huge success.

Since the ring is designed to focus entirely on the diamond center stone, the solitaire had always been a favorite choice for the couples. For the diamond’s facets to catch maximum light, the prong settings are usually used in traditional versions of the ring so that the stone would be raised away from the band. Most the jewelers sell solitaire diamond ring with a variety of settings. Among the many designs, the most popular one would be the diamond solitaire featuring a traditional round brilliant cut diamond in a prong setting.

How many carats to choose for a solitaire diamond? This is a common concern among the couples while they are on ring shopping. First of all, couples need to understand the meaning of carat. It refers to diamond weight and not its size. Usually loose diamonds are measured in carats. 3 carat diamonds vary in size to some degrees since carat refer to weight. For solitaire rings, the three carat diamonds are often the perfect choice.

So it is quite natural to have two different 3 carat rings with different size stones. The large selection of 3 carat rings has become the best friend of women in every walk of life. Hence it is no wonder that the solitaire rings maintain to be the most popular engagement ring choice.

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Celtic engagement ring adds a new feel to your relationship

What do you think makes the Celtic engagement ring so popular these days? It is of course the design of the ring that offers a typical blend of history, tradition and symbolism. The Celtic engagement ring also has the power to remain as a cutting edge trend for many years. So for couples looking for a truly personal, unique engagement ring, a Celtic engagement ring would be the perfect choice.

The knot work is considered as the signature of the Celtic engagement ring. As the rings are very popular designers are trying different types of knots in the ring and they use different names when referring to the Celtic knots. Lover’s knot or eternity knot is some of the common terms used to refer to the ring knots by the designers. As you see, there are interwoven strands of the knot and that is what symbolizes the entwined lives of the married couples.

The single endless Celtic knot represents eternity in the relationship. The circular shape of the engagement ring or wedding ring is symbolic of a couple’s never ending love and commitment to each other. Now you must have had a clear understanding why people are going behind the Celtic rings these days.

If you have plans in your mind to go for the Celtic ring, an Irish engagement ring or a claddagh ring, you would surely prefer the antique ones. Such rings can be easily located at estate sales or through the antique dealers. There are many online jewelers that offer the unique engagement rings for the couples. It is easy to locate such jewelers than the conventional jewelry shops. However you would surely want to inspect the Celtic engagement ring for possible defects or damage. Hence it is important to make a thorough research on any company or dealer from which you are buying the ring for the occasion to cross check their reputation and honesty.

There are some couples who would like to move away from the normal conventional style and try something new. And if you prefer a modern version of the Celtic engagement rings there are many innovative designs being offered by the top jewelry designers. Usually most of the couples would go for a customized ring that includes their personal specifications. Some of the designs include a series of knots around the ring as a symbol of their relationship and to the people in their lives. Couples can approach a jewelry designer to work this idea into a less typical engagement ring that would be entirely their design. Many online jewelers offer customized rings for creative couples.

So if you wish to present your fiancée with an engagement ring that symbolize your eternal love, you can hardly go wrong with the Celtic rings. The rings would be brimming over with the love you share with her and also it would appear both traditional and modern at the same time. Never hesitate to express your terrific taste in choosing a unique ring and impress your beloved.